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The prestigious Mexican Salon International Alta Relojeria, which took place in October, voted one of Les Breuleux's latest timekeepers, the "Best Watch" of the Year. This interesting timepiece, with its underlined skeleton look, features a complex mechanical tourbillon movement. However, it is most notable for the three-part sapphire case. This watch, which features a complex mechanical movement and a unique housing, was awarded the title of best horological achievement at the Mexican fair. Its price of $1.7 million is also a reflection of its innovative design.

The skeleton case is the first thing that sets the timekeeper apart from other watches. The entire housing, including the front bezel and caseband, is made entirely of solid sapphire chunks (not to mention, sapphire for the crystal). The material was never used before for this purpose. It took a lot more research and testing to create a casing that met the high standards and demands of the brand, both in terms of comfort and resilience. Aluminum oxide, the material's technical name, is extremely tough and clear (Fake Watches). This is due to its molecular structure. The machining process required to create such a housing was a difficult one, as it is very delicate and leaves little room for error. The manufacturer spends over 1,000 hours on the construction of the case. 430 hours are spent pre-forming and polishing the housing. The front and back bezels are coated with a glare-proof material to enhance the optic features. The housing is water resistant to 50 meters thanks to its overall design. This is made possible by the use of 20 spline screw from grade 5 titanium, and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless. The casing is 50.5mm high, 42.7mm wide and 1925mm thick.

Spilt Seconds Culumn Wheel Chronograph Tourbillon RMCC1Furthermore the information on its atypical case does not give the full story of the watch. The transparent case, while difficult to build, is merely a way to show off the top-notch mechanical tourbillon RMCC1 movement. This caliber has a split-seconds column wheel chronograph. It also comes with a torque indicator, a power-reserve, and a tourbillon. The mainplate of the caliber is finished in grade 5 Titanium alloy, which enhances its functionality and allows for effortless gear shifting. The watchmaker's previous RM008 movement, launched in 2004, was a combination of a tourbillon complication and a split-seconds chronograph feature. Richard Mille has performed extensive tweaking to more than 400 components of the new timekeeper. Its weight was reduced by 20% while its precision, and reliability were increased. It also has a split-seconds timer that uses 50 percent less energy due to reduced friction. The jumping of the chronohand when the stopwatch is activated or stopped is almost nonexistent.

Replica Richard Mille Sapphire is named after the brand ambassador and famous Formula One driver. It also features torque and function indicators.Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica The first provides information on the tension of the mainspring, which allows the chrono function to work optimally. The second shows if the crown is in the winding position, neutral, or hand setting.

Tourbillon RMCC1 calibre includes a balance with variable inertia. This improves shock resistance, and ultimately enhances precision. The caliber also features a barrel with a high rotation speed, which results in optimum performance and power reserve. The caliber also has other technical features, such as barrel pawls with progressive recoil and winding barrel teeth, a third wheel pinion with a central involute, as well a modular setting mechanism.